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Surrey, England UK


Tree: Negroponte-Agelasto

Latitude: 51.25, Longitude: -0.416667

Tree: Agelasto

Latitude: 51.25, Longitude: -0.416667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amies, Sheila Margaret (Edwin)  aut 1928Surrey, England UK I3785 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Baker, Alexandra (Peter)  2 Mar 2013Surrey, England UK I5016 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Biddle, Friday February Eleven (Michael)  11 Feb 1977Surrey, England UK I3745 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Biddle, Michael J. E.  spr 1937Surrey, England UK I3886 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Empedocles, Ion Paul (Stephen)  27 Oct 1936Surrey, England UK I2725 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Empedocles, Philip Basil (Stephen)  18 Mar 1939Surrey, England UK I2726 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Eumorfopoulos, Aristides (Eustratius)  22 May 1908Surrey, England UK I2717 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Eumorfopoulos, Miminia (Eustratius)  23 Feb 1904Surrey, England UK I2718 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Gordon, Alison Ruth Gordon (Thomas)  win 1967Surrey, England UK I5043 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Gordon, David G. S. (Thomas)  sum 1965Surrey, England UK I5042 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Rendtorff, Margaret Ida Winifred (Andreas)  2 Jun 1913Surrey, England UK I2724 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Simkins, Winifred Annie (unknown)  30 Sep 1887Surrey, England UK I4912 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reid, Doreen (James) Seaton  8 Jan 1902Surrey, England UK I1664 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexandroff, James (John)  13 Sep 1983Surrey, England UK I1027 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Barralet, Alfred George (William)  Abt Mar 1949Surrey, England UK I3305 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Bevan, Owen Charles (Francis)  28 May 1950Surrey, England UK I1752 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Casdagli, Emmanuel Xenophon (Xenophon)  1969Surrey, England UK I1281 Agelasto 
5 Casdagli, Theodore Theodore (Theodore)  11 May 1984Surrey, England UK I3241 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Empedocles, Stephen (Gregory)  31 Jan 1973Surrey, England UK I2723 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Frangopulo, James Dromocaiti (Stamatios)  19 Dec 1933Surrey, England UK I420 Agelasto 
8 Gordon, Alice Olivia Jean (Stanley)  22 Jul 1983Surrey, England UK I3824 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Grant, Rosalind Margaret Innes (Ludovic)  27 Nov 1977Surrey, England UK I2045 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Harman, John  30 Jul 1846Surrey, England UK I3609 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Hervey, George John (John) Frangopulo  27 Feb 1981Surrey, England UK I427 Agelasto 
12 Nicolopoulo, Christine Lucie (George)  23 Jan 1988Surrey, England UK I721 Agelasto 
13 Nicolopoulo, Christine Lucie (Georges)  23 Jan 1988Surrey, England UK I1015 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Papageorge, Miquetta Angelique (D)  Abt Apr 1997Surrey, England UK I1295 Agelasto 
15 Ralli, Constantine (Miké)  19 Apr 1966Surrey, England UK I1014 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Ralli, Constantine (Miké)  19 Apr 1966Surrey, England UK I1298 Agelasto 
17 Rendtorff, Andreas Jorgen (unknown)  12 Oct 1965Surrey, England UK I4004 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Ryan, Ada Agnes (Benjamin)  17 May 1952Surrey, England UK I5286 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Squire, Mabel Bramwell (Peter)  Abt Sep 1962Surrey, England UK I1368 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Stride, Katharine Adair (W.F.A.)  win 1982Surrey, England UK I5369 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Way, Annie Louisa (William)  spr 1947Surrey, England UK I5208 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Winterbourne, Frederick John (Frederick )  Nov 1982Surrey, England UK I1416 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   sum 1947Surrey, England UK F553 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Scaramanga / Beauman   aut 1958Surrey, England UK F729 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Winterbourne / Savaides  6 Jun 1935Surrey, England UK F598 Negroponte-Agelasto