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London, England UK


Tree: Agelasto

Latitude: 51.5073509, Longitude: -0.12775829999998223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Aikaterini (John)  05 Jan 1868London, England UK I182 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Alexandra (John)  06 Apr 1870London, England UK I185 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Captain Augustus (Stephen) MC  17 Jan 1888London, England UK I201 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, Christine (John)  23 Jul 1871London, England UK I118 Agelasto 
5 Agelasto, Lt Cyril John (John)  09 Mar 1897London, England UK I452 Agelasto 
6 Agelasto, Despina (Augustus)  31 May 1869London, England UK I93 Agelasto 
7 Agelasto, Diana (Augustus)  09 Sep 1934London, England UK I243 Agelasto 
8 Agelasto, George (John)  12 Sep 1876London, England UK I190 Agelasto 
9 Agelasto, Julia (Stephen)  06 Jul 1890London, England UK I202 Agelasto 
10 Agelasto, Loucia (John)  10 Dec 1874London, England UK I189 Agelasto 
11 Agelasto, Maria (John)  16 Feb 1869London, England UK I183 Agelasto 
12 Agelasto, Mary (John)  06 Jul 1863London, England UK I177 Agelasto 
13 Agelasto, Michael John (John)  18 Jan 1866London, England UK I178 Agelasto 
14 Agelasto, Pantaleon (John)  20 Jan 1867London, England UK I180 Agelasto 
15 Argenti, Arietta (Nicolas)  13 May 1865London, England UK I776 Agelasto 
16 Argenti, Marigo (Ambrose)  05 Sep 1840London, England UK I779 Agelasto 
17 Cann, Carolyn Elizabeth  aut 1948London, England UK I1628 Agelasto 
18 Caridia, Maria (Nicolas)  08 May 1872London, England UK I98 Agelasto 
19 Casano, Rodrick (Albert)  24 May 1902London, England UK I1581 Agelasto 
20 Constantinidi, George Xenophon (Spiro)  28 Jun 1928London, England UK I496 Agelasto 
21 Constantinidi, Michael Dukas (Spiro)  28 Jun 1928London, England UK I495 Agelasto 
22 Katinakis, Harriet Demetrius (Demetrius)  27 Nov 1878London, England UK I1060 Agelasto 
23 Katinakis, John Demetrius (Demetrius)  21 Oct 1874London, England UK I1054 Agelasto 
24 Katinakis, Melpomene Demetrius (Demetrius)  05 May 1876London, England UK I1059 Agelasto 
25 Katinakis, Stephen Demetrius (Demetrius)  10 May 1872London, England UK I1052 Agelasto 
26 Long, Matilda (Joseph)  Abt 1846London, England UK I705 Agelasto 
27 Macropoulos, Aglaļa (Athanasios)  04 May 1903London, England UK I318 Agelasto 
28 Montgomerie-Charrington, Major Victor Robert (Archibald) O.B.E.  25 Jul 1887London, England UK I799 Agelasto 
29 Montgomerie-Charrington, Victoria Mildred (Victor)  sum 1919London, England UK I1161 Agelasto 
30 Mulqueen, Helen (Thomas)  07 Feb 1865London, England UK I111 Agelasto 
31 Price, Ivan Charles (John)  10 May 1884London, England UK I810 Agelasto 
32 Price, Joan (Ivan)  17 Oct 1924London, England UK I497 Agelasto 
33 Ralli, Aikaterini (Ambrosios)  03 Mar 1861London, England UK I107 Agelasto 
34 Ralli, Antonina (Antonios)  04 Jun 1866London, England UK I426 Agelasto 
35 Ralli, John A. (Antonios)  02 Jun 1842London, England UK I87 Agelasto 
36 Ritchie, Susannah Jean (Alexander)  31 Dec 1954London, England UK I502 Agelasto 
37 Rodocanachi, Aglaia Christine (Emmanuel)  04 Jun 1894London, England UK I491 Agelasto 
38 Rodocanachi, Ariadne Alexandra (Emmanuel)  15 Mar 1891London, England UK I489 Agelasto 
39 Rodocanachi, Eirene Alexandra (Emmanuel)  23 Dec 1905London, England UK I493 Agelasto 
40 Rodocanachi, Emmanuel Michel (Michel)  11 Sep 1855London, England UK I186 Agelasto 
41 Rodocanachi, Col. John Emmanuel (Emmanuel) RCR CHKM  30 Apr 1893London, England UK I490 Agelasto 
42 Rodocanachi, Michael George (Emmanuel)  09 Jun 1889London, England UK I488 Agelasto 
43 Sagrandi, Argyro (Pandia)  20 Feb 1852London, England UK I1370 Agelasto 
44 Sagrandi, Eustratios (Pandia)  31 Jan 1853London, England UK I1371 Agelasto 
45 Sagrandi, Julia (Pandia)  25 Dec 1855London, England UK I1373 Agelasto 
46 Sagrandi, Maria (Pandia)  20 Jan 1855London, England UK I1372 Agelasto 
47 Sagrandi, Mary (Pandia)  Abt 13 Jan 1854London, England UK I1405 Agelasto 
48 Sagrandi, Zenou (Pandia)  06 Nov 1850London, England UK I1374 Agelasto 
49 Sechiari, Maria (Paraskeva)  06 Dec 1865London, England UK I772 Agelasto 
50 Sordina, Augusta (Andrea)  Abt May 1884London, England UK I638 Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Lt Cyril John (John)  10 Aug 1951London, England UK I452 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Eustathios (Stamati)  13 Jan 2000London, England UK I555 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Iolanthe (John)  1925London, England UK I608 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, Julia (Stephen)  31 Aug 1926London, England UK I202 Agelasto 
5 Agelasto, Loucia (John)  12 Jan 1968London, England UK I189 Agelasto 
6 Agelasto, Mary (John)  17 Jul 1863London, England UK I177 Agelasto 
7 Agelasto, Stephen (Augustus)  22 Sep 1948London, England UK I106 Agelasto 
8 Alexandroff, John (Alexander)  06 Jul 1926London, England UK I378 Agelasto 
9 Argenti, Arietta (Nicolas)  22 Nov 1908London, England UK I776 Agelasto 
10 Argenti, Nicolas (Andreas)  03 Oct 1883London, England UK I778 Agelasto 
11 Brooke, Arthur Beresford (Arthur)  15 Jun 1894London, England UK I1046 Agelasto 
12 Constantinidi, Michael Dukas (Spiro)  7 Feb 2019London, England UK I495 Agelasto 
13 Constantinidi, Spiro (Xenophon)  20 Feb 1960London, England UK I494 Agelasto 
14 Gray, Florence Maud (George)  29 May 1979London, England UK I1217 Agelasto 
15 Katinakis, Melpomene Demetrius (Demetrius)  15 Mar 1926London, England UK I1059 Agelasto 
16 Lloyd, Marian (Joseph)  30 Mar 1936London, England UK I292 Agelasto 
17 Macropoulos, Aglaļa (Athanasios)  10 Mar 1994London, England UK I318 Agelasto 
18 Macropoulos, Alexander John (John)  Abt Jun 1988London, England UK I320 Agelasto 
19 Macropoulos, Athanasios (Dimitrios)  17 Feb 1932London, England UK I184 Agelasto 
20 Mavrogordato, Zannis (Lucas)  28 Feb 1832London, England UK I543 Agelasto 
21 Maximo, Marigo Lucia (John)  Abt Jun 1970London, England UK I788 Agelasto 
22 Mulqueen, Thomas  Abt 1866London, England UK I683 Agelasto 
23 Petrocochino, Ariadne (Michael)  15 Apr 1859London, England UK I487 Agelasto 
24 Petrocochino, Aspasia (Themistocles)  10 Nov 1931London, England UK I1183 Agelasto 
25 Price, Ivan Charles (John)  8 Mar 1979London, England UK I810 Agelasto 
26 Price, Joan (Ivan)  Jan 2020London, England UK I497 Agelasto 
27 Ralli, Aikaterini (Ambrosios)  26 May 1948London, England UK I107 Agelasto 
28 Ralli, Antonios (Theodore)  21 Jan 1881London, England UK I630 Agelasto 
29 Roch, Arthur Francis Alexandre  30 Mar 1982London, England UK I479 Agelasto 
30 Rodocanachi, Ariadne Alexandra (Emmanuel)  27 Aug 1935London, England UK I489 Agelasto 
31 Rodocanachi, Michael George (Emmanuel)  27 Jan 1899London, England UK I488 Agelasto 
32 Rutter, Alice Ada (John)  Abt Nov 1984London, England UK I811 Agelasto 
33 Sagrandi, Mary (Pandia)  Abt 13 Jan 1854London, England UK I1405 Agelasto 
34 Schilizzi, Julia (Petros)  16 Oct 1918London, England UK I312 Agelasto 
35 Schilizzi, Marigo (Stephen)  01 Sep 1940London, England UK I349 Agelasto 
36 Sechiari, Maria (Paraskeva)  26 Jan 1963London, England UK I772 Agelasto 
37 Varzon, Marie Pamela  Aug 1987London, England UK I931 Agelasto 
38 Wemyss, Frances Maria (Thomas)  spr 1890London, England UK I1047 Agelasto 
39 Ziffo, George (Stephanos)  17 May 1911London, England UK I269 Agelasto 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Roch, Arthur Francis Alexandre  2 Apr 1982London, England UK I479 Agelasto 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto / Easey   08 Dec 1945London, England UK F236 Agelasto 
2 Eugenidi / Thomas  1904London, England UK F585 Agelasto 
3 Girardet / Montgomerie-Charrington  win 1956London, England UK F492 Agelasto 
4 Girardet / Willshire  spr 1949London, England UK F486 Agelasto 
5 Gregory / Macgillivray  sum 1929London, England UK F630 Agelasto 
6 Macropoulos / Salisbury  sum 1963London, England UK F128 Agelasto 
7 Montgomerie-Charrington / Bellasis  sum 1910London, England UK F656 Agelasto 
8 Ralli / Ralli   21 Nov 1885London, England UK F333 Agelasto 
9 Zizinia / Long   1864London, England UK F299 Agelasto 

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