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Athens, Attica, Greece


Tree: Agelasto

Latitude: 37.983917, Longitude: 23.729359899999963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Antonio (Miltiadis)  Abt 1895Athens, Attica, Greece I1088 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Apostolos (Lukas)  14 Dec 1938Athens, Attica, Greece I532 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Athena (Cosi)  20 Jul 1907Athens, Attica, Greece I197 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, Christina Marie Stephen (Stephen)  09 Dec 1945Athens, Attica, Greece I568 Agelasto 
5 Agelasto, Eustratios (Paul)  1913Athens, Attica, Greece I527 Agelasto 
6 Agelasto, Gregory (Dimitri)  Abt 1909Athens, Attica, Greece I1265 Agelasto 
7 Agelasto, Loukas (Paul)  18 Oct 1916Athens, Attica, Greece I529 Agelasto 
8 Agelasto, Maria (Paul)  1918Athens, Attica, Greece I530 Agelasto 
9 Agelasto, Michael (Stamati)  1863Athens, Attica, Greece I154 Agelasto 
10 Agelasto, Pandely (Stamati)  Abt 1855Athens, Attica, Greece I173 Agelasto 
11 Agelasto, Stamati (Michael)  16 Dec 1901Athens, Attica, Greece I218 Agelasto 
12 Agelasto, Stephen (Cosi)  12 Nov 1899Athens, Attica, Greece I196 Agelasto 
13 Agelasto, ZoŽ (Leoni)  16 May 1915Athens, Attica, Greece I226 Agelasto 
14 Aspridi, Charilaos (Jacobus)  1894Athens, Attica, Greece I394 Agelasto 
15 Calliga [Kalligas], Colonel Alexander (Paul)  12 May 1863Athens, Attica, Greece I105 Agelasto 
16 Calliga [Kalligas], Paul (Alexander)  06 Feb 1891Athens, Attica, Greece I689 Agelasto 
17 Condostavlo / Contostavlos, Erato (Alexander)  29 Aug 1892Athens, Attica, Greece I690 Agelasto 
18 Constantaras, Achilles (Lambro)  17 Mar 1891Athens, Attica, Greece I198 Agelasto 
19 Constantaras, Paul (Achilles)  Abt 1928Athens, Attica, Greece I1360 Agelasto 
20 Couclelis, infant (Constantine)  Abt Oct 1990Athens, Attica, Greece I1509 Agelasto 
21 Grivas, Constantinos Alexis (Alexander)  17 Feb 1909Athens, Attica, Greece I888 Agelasto 
22 Krinos, John (Dimitrios)  11 Dec 1930Athens, Attica, Greece I990 Agelasto 
23 Manoussi, Irene (Constantin)  08 Jul 1878Athens, Attica, Greece I276 Agelasto 
24 Melas, Michel (Constantin)  18 Jun 1902Athens, Attica, Greece I873 Agelasto 
25 Metaxa, Petros (Andreas)  27 Jan 1883Athens, Attica, Greece I892 Agelasto 
26 Mezeviris, Alice (Gregory)  19 Mar 1913Athens, Attica, Greece I691 Agelasto 
27 Moutzopoulou, Alexandra (Athanasios)  09 Oct 1878Athens, Attica, Greece I1042 Agelasto 
28 Orlando, Melpomene (Cimon)  25 Sep 1885Athens, Attica, Greece I1311 Agelasto 
29 Papaioannou, Antigone (Constantine)  11 Feb 1911Athens, Attica, Greece I234 Agelasto 
30 Papaioannou, Jean (Constantine)  02 Nov 1902Athens, Attica, Greece I236 Agelasto 
31 Pouppon, Maria (Alphonsos)  Abt 1858Athens, Attica, Greece I174 Agelasto 
32 Theologos, Georges (Theologos)  Abt 1892Athens, Attica, Greece I830 Agelasto 
33 Vletides, Constantine (Petros)  17 Feb 1984Athens, Attica, Greece I1316 Agelasto 
34 Vletides, Petros C. (Constantine)  11 Nov 1946Athens, Attica, Greece I1314 Agelasto 
35 Zanthakos, Anthia  14 Apr 1953Athens, Attica, Greece I1315 Agelasto 
36 Ziffo, Etienne (Etienne)  20 Dec 1898Athens, Attica, Greece I277 Agelasto 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Alexander (Michael)  Bef 2000Athens, Attica, Greece I233 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Alexandros (Stephanos)  25 Jan 1923Athens, Attica, Greece I103 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Apostolos (Lukas)  15 Jun 2013Athens, Attica, Greece I532 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, Constantine (Nicolaos)  06 Mar 2013Athens, Attica, Greece I463 Agelasto 
5 Agelasto, Dimitri (Stamati)  01 May 1948Athens, Attica, Greece I1268 Agelasto 
6 Agelasto, Dimitri (Stamati)  30 Apr 1949Athens, Attica, Greece I143 Agelasto 
7 Agelasto, Eleni (Leoni)  Athens, Attica, Greece I225 Agelasto 
8 Agelasto, Eustratios (Paul)  1977Athens, Attica, Greece I527 Agelasto 
9 Agelasto, Franga (Pandely)  Feb 1867Athens, Attica, Greece I56 Agelasto 
10 Agelasto, Hypatia (Stamati)  02 Oct 1924Athens, Attica, Greece I168 Agelasto 
11 Agelasto, Jean (Michael)  15 Jun 1925Athens, Attica, Greece I232 Agelasto 
12 Agelasto, Jeanne (Jean)  21 Jun 1965Athens, Attica, Greece I215 Agelasto 
13 Agelasto, Julia (Michael)  1992Athens, Attica, Greece I237 Agelasto 
14 Agelasto, Julia (Stephanos)  28 Jun 1945Athens, Attica, Greece I104 Agelasto 
15 Agelasto, Leoni (Stamati)  18 May 1925Athens, Attica, Greece I171 Agelasto 
16 Agelasto, Loukas (Paul)  24 Nov 1993Athens, Attica, Greece I529 Agelasto 
17 Agelasto, Loula (Stamati)  1920Athens, Attica, Greece I170 Agelasto 
18 Agelasto, Maria (Paul)  1983Athens, Attica, Greece I530 Agelasto 
19 Agelasto, Maria (Stephanos)  09 Jun 1929Athens, Attica, Greece I99 Agelasto 
20 Agelasto, Michael (Stamati)  28 Aug 1995Athens, Attica, Greece I553 Agelasto 
21 Agelasto, Stamati (Leoni)  18 Jan 1874Athens, Attica, Greece I76 Agelasto 
22 Agelasto, Stamati (unknown)  15 Jan 1874Athens, Attica, Greece I1269 Agelasto 
23 Agelasto, Stephen (Cosi)  16 Nov 1995Athens, Attica, Greece I196 Agelasto 
24 Agelasto, Stephen Demetrios (Demetrios)  23 Feb 1867Athens, Attica, Greece I304 Agelasto 
25 Agelasto, ZoŽ (Leoni)  19 Sep 1998Athens, Attica, Greece I226 Agelasto 
26 Avgoustaki, Anna  1974Athens, Attica, Greece I1630 Agelasto 
27 Baltazzi, Theodore (Aristides)  27 Dec 1969Athens, Attica, Greece I622 Agelasto 
28 Bruynserade, Alfred (Edmond)  13 Feb 1913Athens, Attica, Greece I142 Agelasto 
29 Calliga [Kalligas], Colonel Alexander (Paul)  06 Sep 1936Athens, Attica, Greece I105 Agelasto 
30 Calliga [Kalligas], Kostas (Panos)  Athens, Attica, Greece I919 Agelasto 
31 Calliga [Kalligas], Panos  Athens, Attica, Greece I918 Agelasto 
32 Calliga [Kalligas], Paul P.  15 Sep 1896Athens, Attica, Greece I687 Agelasto 
33 Casanova, Maria Pantelis (Pantelis)  10 Sep 1963Athens, Attica, Greece I1334 Agelasto 
34 Comnene, Sozonga (Paraskeva)  1880Athens, Attica, Greece I709 Agelasto 
35 Condostavlo / Contostavlos, Alexander (Jean)  25 Jun 1916Athens, Attica, Greece I1270 Agelasto 
36 Constantaras, Achilles (Lambro)  16 Apr 1952Athens, Attica, Greece I198 Agelasto 
37 Constantaras, Paul (Achilles)  16 Dec 1988Athens, Attica, Greece I1360 Agelasto 
38 Couclelis, Alexander (Pericles)  20 Jun 1978Athens, Attica, Greece I692 Agelasto 
39 Couclelis, infant (Constantine)  13 Dec 1990Athens, Attica, Greece I1509 Agelasto 
40 Eugenidi, Hypatia (Eustathios)  Abt 1938Athens, Attica, Greece I883 Agelasto 
41 Eugenidi, Lucie (Eustathios)  1970Athens, Attica, Greece I885 Agelasto 
42 Franghiadi, Henrietta (Constantine)  1867Athens, Attica, Greece I27 Agelasto 
43 Galati, Marietta (Stephanos)  1 Jan 1942Athens, Attica, Greece I1313 Agelasto 
44 Grivas, Constantinos Alexis (Alexander)  Abt 1979Athens, Attica, Greece I888 Agelasto 
45 Grivas, Theodore (Alexander)  Jun 1982Athens, Attica, Greece I1242 Agelasto 
46 Katinakis, Ambrose (Miltiades)  19 Mar 1967Athens, Attica, Greece I1333 Agelasto 
47 Katinakis, Lilian Elsa Lyda (Ambrose)  04 Jan 2008Athens, Attica, Greece I1342 Agelasto 
48 Leontiou, Vasiliki  Athens, Attica, Greece I172 Agelasto 
49 Lesto, Vasiliki (Constantin)  Abt 1961Athens, Attica, Greece I179 Agelasto 
50 Liodakis, Arete (Ioannis)  18 May 1965Athens, Attica, Greece I1258 Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Apostolos (Lukas)  17 Jun 2013Athens, Attica, Greece I532 Agelasto 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto / Caralli  30 Jan 1919Athens, Attica, Greece F89 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto / Caridia  12 Sep 1891Athens, Attica, Greece F69 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto / Chadzikyriakos  22 Jul 1884Athens, Attica, Greece F95 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto / Papaioannou  24 Aug 1931Athens, Attica, Greece F116 Agelasto 
5 Baltazzi / de Reineck   1854Athens, Attica, Greece F251 Agelasto 
6 Calliga [Kalligas] / Agelasto  05 Apr 1890Athens, Attica, Greece F72 Agelasto 
7 Calliga [Kalligas] / Condostavlo / Contostavlos  08 Jul 1917Athens, Attica, Greece F291 Agelasto 
8 Charami / Agelasto  Athens, Attica, Greece F96 Agelasto 
9 Constantaras / Agelasto  24 Oct 1927Athens, Attica, Greece F106 Agelasto 
10 Couclelis / Mezeviris  27 Dec 1942Athens, Attica, Greece F292 Agelasto 
11 Eugenidi / Ralli  22 Feb 1907Athens, Attica, Greece F319 Agelasto 
12 Goumas / Agelasto  Abt 1940Athens, Attica, Greece F121 Agelasto 
13 Lagonico / Eugenidi  Abt 1932Athens, Attica, Greece F371 Agelasto 
14 Metaxa / Eugenidi  1915Athens, Attica, Greece F379 Agelasto 
15 Mezeviris / Agelasto  11 Jun 1911Athens, Attica, Greece F113 Agelasto 
16 Papaioannou / Agelasto  26 Dec 1933Athens, Attica, Greece F4 Agelasto 
17 Syrioti / Agelasto  22 Aug 1880Athens, Attica, Greece F70 Agelasto 
18 Ziffo / Orlando  25 Feb 1921Athens, Attica, Greece F545 Agelasto 
19 Ziffo / Ziffo  30 Dec 1901Athens, Attica, Greece F25 Agelasto