Le Corbusier's Marseille building  

Although not yet on UNESCO's world heritage list, Corbu's La Cite Radieuse (designed by Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, called Le Corbusier or Corbu) is one of the extraordinary buildings of the 20th Century. I visited it in 1969, on my first trip to Europe, and was not allowed inside as it was then considered only a residence, not a tourist site. Now it is both and I have a cousin who lives there. These photos are from my visit in 2008. The 12-storey, "Unité d'habitation", built in 1952 houses 1,600 people. The block, originally called La Cité Radieuse, or the "radiant city", includes floors for shopping, social clubs, child care, a gym and a hotel. There is a rooftop garden and swimming pool. A big concrete blob, it is constantly being repaired; residents are on their third set of elevators.

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