Folder: euro2001

From:  "Michael Agelasto" <>


Subject:  holiday in hell I

Date:  Fri, 09 Mar 2001 01:39:11Reply Reply All Forward Delete Previous Next CloseHi,

Here's a multiple choice for how bad one's luck can be.  Which happened to me?

[A] On the first day in Madrid, at the beginning of a 7 1/2 month bike trip that will take in parts of Europe, Morocco, Japan and Australia, I notice in my daily output a red blob--blood red in color, like all the olives and beetroot I eat.  Is this enough for a medical emergency?

[B] My extraordinary language translator / currency converter / address book has but a slight flaw -- it likes to self-erase all input, deleting what took me hours to enter, all of which is still on my internet server, perhaps.

[C]  On the way to catch the train from Madrid to the warmer south of Spain to start cycling, I stop by the hostel's locked room in its locked building to pick up my bike, which I left still in its black bag (30 kg) just as it came off the plane.  But no bike.  It has been stolen, along with all camping gear, clothes, etc. etc, in short, everything not essential for three non-cycling days in Madrid and Toledo.

[D]  The new bike, with gears so high tech that they don't work, with a flawed tire that breaks apart after 100 kms, with the wrong-sized factory-issued tube in the other tire -- it goes flat after hitting a pebble, with a mirror that's worthless, is a mountain bike that decreases my efficiency by 15 percent.

[E]  A maniac driver in Morocco, one among a nation of many, hits me and all the locals rush up to strip me of bike and possessions, leaving me to bleed to death, an unidentifiable corpse of just another unfortunate cycling tourist.

[F]  All the above.

Well, if you gessed [F], you are almost correct.  [E] has not yet happened.

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