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Tree: Agelasto

Latitude: 39.074208, Longitude: 21.824311999999964

Tree: Negroponte-Agelasto

Latitude: 39.074208, Longitude: 21.824311999999964


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Eugenios (unknown)  Bef 1869[Greece] I1510 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Julia (Augustinos)  1873[Greece] I679 Agelasto 
3 Apostolidi, Maria (Petros)  1927[Greece] I5134 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Apostolidi, Marios (Petros)  16 Jan 1926[Greece] I5133 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Christopoulos, Aristidis Dimitris (Dimitris)  12 May 1963[Greece] I4873 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Coundouriotis, Despina (Paul)  1892[Greece] I1476 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Damalas, Eirene (Ambrouzis)  Abt 1857[Greece] I4245 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Damalas, Paul (Ambrouzis)  17 Jul 1853[Greece] I2205 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Floros, Erietta (Stamati)   I3556 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Floros, Stamatis (George)  07 Jan 1913[Greece] I3553 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Kanakaris-Roufos, Athanassios (Rodis)  1952[Greece] I3545 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Kanakaris-Roufos, Lucas (Rodis)  1949[Greece] I3544 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Lappas, George  13 Apr 1949[Greece] I5057 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Lappas, Leon (George)  13 May 1991[Greece] I5059 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Lappas, Philip (George)  5 Oct 1985[Greece] I5058 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Lykiardopoulo, Anthony Constantine (Constantine)  4 Jan 1903[Greece] I5050 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Maccas, Georgios (Nicolas)  21 Mar 1877[Greece] I2236 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Maccas, Rea (Georgios)  20 Apr 1911[Greece] I3382 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Malamos, Vasilis   I1415 Agelasto 
20 Matsas, Constantin  1889[Greece] I3744 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Miaouli, Irini (Nicolaos)  [Greece] I1419 Agelasto 
22 Micheli-Michelidis, Elizabeth (Demetrius)  1935[Greece] I4005 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Negroponte, Alexander (unknown)  Abt 1883[Greece] I4900 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Nicolaidis, Cleopatra (Dimitrios)  1890[Greece] I2244 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Pesmatzoglou, daughter (Johnny)   I1421 Agelasto 
26 Pesmatzoglou, daughter (Johnny)   I1423 Agelasto 
27 Pesmatzoglou, Eli (Georgios)   I1413 Agelasto 
28 Pesmatzoglou, Georgios (Ioannis)  05 Oct 1889[Greece] I1412 Agelasto 
29 Pesmatzoglou, Johnny (Georgios)  1917[Greece] I1414 Agelasto 
30 Pesmatzoglou, son (Johnny)   I1424 Agelasto 
31 Pesmatzoglou, son (Johnny)   I1425 Agelasto 
32 Retsina, Marika (Theodoros)  25 May 1872[Greece] I3558 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Rodocanachi, Hypatios (Michael)  1819[Greece] I1587 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Scanavi, Constantine (Zannis)  1755[Greece] I430 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Zochios, William (Ioannis)  29 May 1884[Greece] I3557 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 [Pesmatzoglou], wife1   I1420 Agelasto 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Cozis (Stephanos)  18 May 1937[Greece] I97 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Julia (Augustinos)  24 Apr 1892[Greece] I679 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Mariora (Augustinos)  17 Jul 1889[Greece] I678 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, Stephanos (Hercules)  14 Aug 1891[Greece] I397 Agelasto 
5 Apostolidi, Maria (Petros)  16 Dec 2009[Greece] I5134 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Apostolidi, Marios (Petros)  14 Jan 2016[Greece] I5133 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Damalas, Paul (Ambrouzis)  25 Dec 1925[Greece] I2205 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Floros, Stamatis (George)  May 1981[Greece] I3553 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Maccas, Rea (Georgios)  26 Mar 1914[Greece] I3382 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Malamos, Vasilis   I1415 Agelasto 
11 Matsas, Pauline (Constantine)  29 Dec 1996[Greece] I3719 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Maximo, Angeliki (Perris)  28 Nov 1862[Greece] I418 Agelasto 
13 Miaouli, Irini (Nicolaos)  [Greece] I1419 Agelasto 
14 Micheli-Michelidis, Elizabeth (Demetrius)  1994[Greece] I4005 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Papaioannou, Antigone (Constantine)  25 Dec 2005[Greece] I234 Agelasto 
16 Pesmatzoglou, Georgios (Ioannis)  1984[Greece] I1412 Agelasto 
17 Pesmatzoglou, Johnny (Georgios)  2004[Greece] I1414 Agelasto 
18 Pesmatzoglou, son (Johnny)   I1424 Agelasto 
19 Retsina, Marika (Theodoros)  13 Jan 1968[Greece] I3558 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Scanavi, Constantine (Zannis)  05 Aug 1788[Greece] I430 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Skouzes, Alexander (George)  20 Oct 1937[Greece] I3738 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Sordina, John Baptist (Andrea)  29 Nov 1956[Greece] I636 Agelasto 
23 Soutzo, Aspasia (Panayote)  24 Feb 1907[Greece] I536 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Zochios, William (Ioannis)  May 1952[Greece] I3557 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 [Agelasto], Arghyró  17 Apr 1910[Greece] I680 Agelasto 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Apostolidi / Sigalas  Dec 1926[Greece] F2127 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Lappas / Cotsis   16 Apr 1988[Greece] F2098 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Magiakos / Economidou   F2107 Negroponte-Agelasto 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Apostolidi / Michoglou  1924[Greece] F2129 Negroponte-Agelasto 

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